Feel a Refreshing Breeze in Your Home

Feel a Refreshing Breeze in Your Home

Choose us for air conditioning maintenance in Parkersburg, WV

While West Virginia is better known for its chilly winters, you also need to have reliable air conditioning unit for those hot days during the summer. Magic Air Heating & Air Conditioning will repair or replace your air conditioner, depending on what best benefits your home.

An HVAC contractor will visit your home to inspect your unit. If it’s old or damaged beyond repair, we’ll recommend replacing it so you won’t run up your energy bill.

Trust us to keep your AC running for as long as possible. Call 304-488-3697 now to schedule HVAC repairs in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Sign up for seasonal HVAC maintenance today

Magic Air Heating & Air Conditioning offers biannual maintenance agreements. We’ll visit your home once in the spring and again in the fall to:

  • Clean your vents and air ducts
  • Test your HVAC equipment to assess its condition
  • Repair any damaged parts
  • Resolve minor issues before they turn into major problems

Once you enroll in our maintenance program, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing your system is ready to fend off the extreme temperatures. Schedule your first air conditioning maintenance appointment in Parkersburg, West Virginia today.